FabFocus - Portrait Mode Pro App Reviews

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Portuguese language

The application is good, but should have the Portuguese language added in the next update.

Nice app!

Works well. I just wish it would let me save the pictures in the original quality. But overall, it does the job!


The app is amazing. But for me there are animations tools too much. You should put just a loading bar after take the pic, charging the effects. It is all. Thanks

Promises more than it offers

The "face detection" is just a guess. You *always* have to edit. Not as simple as it promises. Too expensuve forcwhat it is. After Focus is a much better app.

Needs improvement

I am missing a zoom to get a more detailed view when working with a photo. Also a undo for the last action is missing! The automatic face detection is ok, but actually it needs improvement or the possibility to switch it off as I better use the manual highlighting.

Great App

Gets better and better with every update!!

Not an iPhone 7 Plus but close!

If you want an easy way to emulate high aperture DoF, look no further.


Great app. Really performs. Sounds are quite annoying.

Not done in live time

The app does what it says, but not in live time. You take your photo (or upload from your Camera Roll), the app then analyzes it, then applies the blur. It takes about 15 seconds to do the process on each photo (iPhone 5s). Ive used other apps that produce the same result, and this does a good job on its own that you can tweak afterwards. However, I cant justify the price when apps like AfterFocus are faster with more features.

Great app! works as advertised

Great app! works as advertised

Good, but has some bugs, not exactly as advertised

All on all, this is the best app Ive found for creating the bokeh effect without having to outline everything (although you can). Its good, and could receive 5 stars if it provided a more accurate description and removed some serious bugs. 1) It does a great job of facial recognition, keeping the face clear. It does an semi-okay job on the body (50-50). 2) While you "can" use the app to take pictures, it is the exact same process of creating the effect after the fact or from an existing photo. It does not do anything in real time (the description or picture hint that it does this, it does not). 3) It only works for about 1/3 of my photos that Ive taken previously. Rather than loading the others, its shows the picture as a blue-purple box and of course this doesnt work. So, a great start but needs much work and a more honest description.

Background blurring for the rest of us.

I have a nice portrait true bokeh lens that I rarely use, as like they say, the best camera is the one you have with you. This app does a great job doing a nice background blur that is very pleasing with the right portrait. Another reason my Canon SLR, will gather more dust sadly. I find using the edit to manually select areas I want to keep in focus works better than automatic recognition, and I do not use on so many images that this would be an issue for me personally.


A friend downloaded FabFocus on his iPad and when trying to take a picture the shutter button seems to be missing. Wondering what the problem is?

Superb camera app as for a DSLR

Takes great pictures easily as a DEAR would but has some masking outline issues which will improve. Overall a great app

Works well!

This software does a good job, I have to edit the pictures a bit to get the effect just right, but the photos come out looking much better!

Interesting approach

Works really well on passport photo type of shots. Minus one star for edge refining and blur interaction with the edge that need substantial improvement.

useful app

the app is great but id like to zoom in and out. could you do it in next version?


the best app for making a bokeh effect. everything is working. waiting for next versions and translation into russian.


Only asked zoom, already done. very cool ! Thank you . ideal for not only enough for one. that would be the photo remains in its original resolution. for zoom thank you very much ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Thought through app

I like the professional looking pix I get from this app. Clearly there is a lot of power under the hood here, but user just needs to point, shoot and approve. Nice!

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